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Dental Implant Centre, Lucknow, India

Professional Qualifications

Professional Qualifications
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Prof. Shaleen Chandra

Professional Qualifications
Bachelor's degree in Dental Sciences in 1993
Master's degree in Dental Sciences in 1996
Certificate in implantology 2002
successfully doing implants for 4 years


Prof. & Head,
Saraswati Dental College,
Saraswati Dental College
Saraswati Dental college

Co-Author of several books
Textbook of Oral Histology
Textbook of Pedodontics
Textbook of Dental Anatomy
Textbook of Endodontics
Textbook of Preventive Dentistry
Textbook of Community Dentistry
Textbook of Dental Materials
MCQs in Periodontics
MCQs in Pedodontics
MCQs in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Textbook of Oral Pathology (In press)